Dear Deranged Ones…

I’ve been trying to update the site for the past month but Evil Forces are working against me. I know I must level up to overcome them, it’s just that these things take time. I swear by my left tentacle that I’ll catch up the next week.

In the meantime, here’s a few modern (gasp!) movie recommendations for you. It’s been quite a successful streak!

Loft: A surprisingly good thriller from the Netherlands that beats Hollywood in its own game. Five married men sharing a risky secret end caught up in a twisty network of lies and deceptions (hey, I could write movie scripts). Make sure you watch the original before the inevitable crap remake.

The Adjustment Bureau: Featuring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (who is downright gorgeous… when she isn’t wearing any makeup). I wasn’t expecting much honestly but the movie blew me away with a very intelligent mix of sci-fi and religious themes. I won’t say much but, trust me, this is one of the most clever plots I’ve seen in a while. It works. I was very pleased at the end and thinking how it was possible that no one came up with such an idea before, and then the credits revealed it was based on a Philip K. Dick story. Duh.

Limitless: Guy takes a drug that makes him supernaturally intelligent. Great pace and trippy scenes (especially an outstanding camera work). Not so relevant in the end but a seriously fun ride. The movie is based on The Dark Fields novel by Alan Glynn, who stole the plot from Ted Chiang (Understand) who in turn stole the idea from Daniel Keyes (Flowers For Algernon). Both recommended reads afterwards.

And that’s it! Stay tuned, I AM coming back. Someday.

7 Responses to “Dear Deranged Ones…”

  1. Have you seen 2009 sci-fi action horror movie Pandorum? Best sci-fi movie I have seen in quite some time.

  2. Agustín says:

    Yes, I did, and I must say that I overall liked it. I mean I did like the story (and especially the unexpected twist) but not so much the way it was directed. I would agree that it’s one of the better sci-fi flicks of recent times.

  3. I would agree that if anything could of been improved it was the directing.

    But I absolutely loved the scene when everything was explained with the fantastic rudimentary drawings on the wall. Very good story telling, very poemy.

  4. gnome says:

    Nice! Haven’t seen any of these and I do believe I’ll play it safe and start off with Loft. I mean really, how bad can a Scandinavian movie be?

  5. Igor Hardy says:

    Haven’t seen The Adjustment Bureau, but wasn’t The Truman Show something like it? From the trailers TAB didn’t seem very promising to me to be honest – a sentimental love story with a personification of fate thrown in.

  6. Agustín says:

    No, it’s not quite like The Truman Show. I mean, yes, both movies deal with reality crumbling around you but they have different goals.

    In any case, even Truman Show was clearly inspired by a Philip Dick novel without crediting it (Time Out Of Joint). Pretty much ANYTHING that deals with reality collapsing is tied to P. Dick :P

    Give it a shot, no trailer is truly representative these days anyway…

  7. Pontifex says:

    Recommendations noted, and for the record I subscribe to the opinions expressed about Ms. Blunt. *drool*