Tourist Trap

Every Year Young People Disappear.

Every Year Young People Disappear.

Without question one of the most underrated horror movies ever, and certainly one of the most intelligent ones. Directed by David Schmoeller (Crawlspace, Puppetmaster) and produced by the prolific Charles Band (Trancers, TerrorVision), Tourist Trap was released to mild success in 1979 but over the years earned cult status for its surreal atmosphere and, most importantly, an incredible performance by Chuck Connors as Mr. Slausen, the owner of a spooky wax museum. The usual plot of teenagers getting stranded in a mysterious place quickly gives place to a series of unexpected twists and really clever writing, in which the demented brother of Mr. Slausen seems to enjoy turning unsuspecting visitors into wax figures with help of his… telekinetic powers. Trust me, it works beautifully and I’m sure that you haven’t seen anything quite like it. Worth mentioning are the well-acted roles of those teenagers that actually make you care about them (you probably couldn’t help caring about the beautiful Tanya Roberts anyway) and behave rather normally given the circumstances, as well as the eerie, haunting soundtrack by Pino Donaggio. Also, a very early killing, in which a poor dude is harassed to death by living mannequins and flying objects, results in a terrifying and memorable scene. A solid must-see, if only for the antics of the great Chuck Connors.

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