It Never Is Too Late

Years ago (at the beginning of the new millenium to be more precise) I promised that I would write about two underdog adventures that very few people know about. They were Igor: Objective Uikokahonia and Maupiti Island. I reviewed Igor back in 2004. Today, nearly a decade later, older and bitter, I’m posting my review of Maupiti Island which I really began typing (if I must believe the creation date of the file) in 2004 as well. Picture me flabbergasted. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the read because I feel like I have accomplished a truly legendary task. Maybe I can die in peace now…

Of course, our Movie Of The Week is up as usual and today is the turn of The Story Of Ricky. Hands down, the best Asian horror film I’ve ever seen.

13 Responses to “It Never Is Too Late”

  1. Gnome says:

    You are so prolific it amazes me. Excellent job; once again!

  2. Agustín says:

    Did you mean prolific or prophylactic?

  3. Areala says:

    Prophylactic? Surely you’re not having trouble in THAT area. I’m guessing it’s “prolific” that Gnome meant. :)


  4. Agustín says:

    Of course I was only pulling his leg (or whatever bodily extensions those pesky gnomes have).

  5. Gnome says:

    Well, it wasn’t a leg if you have to know…

  6. Agustín says:

    Eew… that’s the last time I touch a gnome!

  7. Pontifex says:

    Maupiti Island! What a surprise to learn that I’m not alone in having played this obscure game, let alone remembering it. Your Retro Gamer card has been well earned, sir.

  8. Agustín says:

    Thanks! What can I say… I’m getting old :P

  9. Pontifex says:

    You and me both, buddy ;-)
    I didn’t play MI much (was King’s Quest V distracting me at the time? Or was it Ultima VI?), but etched in my brain is the line unfailingly uttered by each character you wanted to start a conversation with: “You wanted to see me”; all, of course, in a very flat and uninflected synthesized voice. Ahh, good times.

  10. Agustín says:

    Yesss, they all sounded like depressed robots. However, remember that was cutting edge at the time!

    Suddenly, newer games feel so boring (sigh).

  11. Pontifex says:

    Not all of them! I recently played one called Scratches that was pretty good ;-)

    I got a nice retro vibe from it too, a moody mix of DarkSeed, Elvira and Dark Fall. Oh and a touch of Alone in the Dark (just to complete the trifecta of “Dark”). Not bad company at all…

  12. Agustín says:

    You forgot The 7th Guest in that list ;)

  13. Pontifex says:

    True! The thing with 7th Guest is that it’s so seminal, I wonder if its foundations aren’t so inextricably part of every “haunted house” 1st person game as to be nary invisible…

    (Although for all its jaw-dropping qualities at the time and its inspirational value, I’m glad Scratches didn’t include random riddles or anything as hellishly frustrating as that microscope puzzle — egads!)