In Space No One Can Hear You Type…

We have a mega-update today with a theme based on “space” — yes, the site can get that kind of creative from time to time. And when I say space, I mean of course all the stuff that us Sci-Fi lovers want to hear about: distant planets, outrageous creatures, intergalactic swashbuckling heroes… not that modern thing referred to as “SyFy”. Phu-lease. But to understand what I’m talking about, you will have to read this wonderful and massive interview with the team behind Darkstar, the upcoming adventure game that is looking jaw-droppingly good and features the original cast from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Jeff Williams, the producer and mastermind behind the game, tell us all about it and even the MSTK3 folks chimed in with comments! So go and grab some popcorn, coffee or beer depending on your time zone and give it a read.

You know, when I created the blog I was worried that the concept of merging videogames and cult movies would be too eclectic for the audiences but then Darkstar comes along, a game with the experts on the subject of cult cinema no less. Thank you — you gave the site some purpose.

In addition to this huge article, we have our usual weekly picks as well: Dead Space (aka Marc Singer vs. Alien) and Rex Nebular And The Cosmic Gender Bender. One of them is a lousy yet charming piece of filmmaking and the other a brilliant adventure that is a prime example of great game design. Go get them too while they’re still warm!