Yegads! Is This A New Post?

Things have been rather quiet here at Slightly Deranged this month. Of course, I have loads of excuses this time but I’m not going to bore you with them; suffice to say, I’ve been programming – a lot – and when I program I find myself in “the Zone”, which means I live in a different reality than yours, not to mention another space-time continuum. It’s scary. You know what’s really surprising though? During September the blog had the most visits ever without a single update; I know, it’s insane! This is probably because, in less than one year, there are tons of content that shows up in search engines: over 30 movies remembered and almost 20 games reviewed, amongst other things. It’s a very generous offering when you consider it’s only me behind the keyboard. Which brings me to my next point…

It’s gotten seriously difficult for me to deliver the weekly movie/game combo. It’s not so much the writing itself but the logistic behind the posts: seeking screenshots, a movie clip, update the listings, etc. I’ve tried to find a workaround, maybe reduce the write-ups, include less screenshots, but I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to backtrace in that regard now that we achieved a nice level of quality. The solution is simple: instead of weekly picks, I post monthly picks. Alright alright, now put down the forks and torches! This is really for the best and it doesn’t rule out the possibility that I comment on more games and movies during each month, it’s just that I will be relieved from the “Movie/Game Of The Week” format. That said, I’m going to make up for this change by including a new feature.

I’ve been thinking, so this site is about cult movies and games, an eclectic mix that has been working so far, and then it struck me: what else could qualify as “cult”? Something that is related and falls into this strange category that appeals to a very limited audience… But of course! Books! Literature! Heck, nobody reads anymore, therefore: cult. After all, most of the stuff we tend to discuss in the blog has in common with books. In all seriousness, I’ve been reading a lot lately and I feel compelled to comment on my findings and recommend you the works I’m sure you will enjoy (hint: as expected, it’s mostly science fiction and horror). If you couldn’t care less about this, don’t fret: all the posts will be carefully filtered with tags. But really, I promise I will highlight the good stuff only.

So, to recap: no more weekly movie/game but monthly movie/game/book. There, I feel more liberated already. As always, feel free to comment or send me your suggestions. The new format debuts next week and the picks are really special this time! Until then my Dear Deranged Ones.

13 Responses to “Yegads! Is This A New Post?”

  1. MoP says:

    This is utterly unacceptable and completely understandable. Quite a troublesome combination really. When this Asylum business comes to an end and You’re swimming in dough, You’d better switch back from a monthly to a daily!

    As for adding books to the mix, I can’t really understand how I didn’t think of this myself and nag You from the very beginning. So cheers for that… although, if it’s indeed “Cult Cinema, Books and Games” now (or whatever the order is) that logo we all love needs an update.

  2. Agustín says:

    Deal! As soon as I’m done with Asylum, we’re back to the weekly format.

    Also, yer right mate, I do need to update that header logo now, and I already have in mind the new motto ;)

  3. Gnome says:

    I’d have brought my pitchfork, but then you mentioned books… You’re saved. For now. Oh, and do give Games of Empire a read.

  4. Agustín says:

    What’s Games Of Empire? Never heard of it. Non-fiction?

  5. Roman Age says:

    And why not the movie/game/book of the YEAR ? It’d better be good then.

    Just a quick question, would you like your game Asylum to be considered cult in 10-15 years time? In a way, in your position, it should make you a very happy man, but on the other hand, being cult is also often associated with being bad (however we may love it), isn’t it? So what’s your take on that?
    Although come to think of it, any game that is still known and talked about after 10-15 years has already achieved something, be it for being cult or anything else.

  6. Agustín says:

    Well, I *am* planning to do a recap of the greatest highlights each year. In fact, you can expect a nicely deranged balance this November, when we celebrate our very first year ;)

    Hell yeah, I’d love if Asylum (or Scratches for that matter) are considered cult. It wouldn’t necessarily mean they were “bad” of course, just that they appealed to a very limited audience and never enjoyed mainstream success. In this regard, I’d totally switch the fame and glory for the cult-ivity. I’m not joking!

    Unfortunately, all I’m getting so far is the fame and glory. Such a shame…

  7. Nuxly says:

    Can’t wait to see the books suggestions. Oh I received Inverted World today, from the very first sentence I can tell it will be something new to me.

    Anyway, Scratches will become a cult game sometime, when it will be remembered by adventure fans and Nucleosys forumists. I’m pretty sure that one day we’ll be seeing the box on retro adventure sites where people post pictures of their collection :p

  8. Igor Hardy says:

    As long as there are fairly regular updates I’m fully satisfied.

    But about this ‘books’ idea… don’t you think that propagating real books might be considered a bit risky and controversial? Deranged even?

  9. Agustín says:

    I don’t understand, what do you mean? Of course I’m not going to post full books! Just comment on them.

  10. Areala says:

    Yay! Books too! And an update!

    Happy happy happy!


  11. Igor Hardy says:

    Sorry for the confusing comment, Agustin. I actually meant “promoting” and not “propagating” as in spreading the actual, full books.

  12. MoP says:

    Hmmm… is it “next week” yet? ;)

  13. Agustín says:

    Explanatory post now public :P