“Can You Dig It?”

Another big write-up today, at least for what I had in mind for this feature, and this week is the turn of The Warriors… as if the weekly pick wasn’t already eclectic! Make no mistake however, just ignore the Rockstar game and be sure to see one of the greatest cult movies ever.

Also, I’ve been interviewed by Gnome’s Lair and they must have given me some strange beverages because I spilled the beans about a very secretive new adventure game. It’s right over here.

2 Responses to ““Can You Dig It?””

  1. MoP says:

    ‘Very secretive’? Hah! ;)
    (can’t wait, by the way)

  2. Agustín says:

    Yes, only a few select ones know what is it about… BUT fans of Slightly Deranged will get early access to lots of cool info ;)

    And sooner than you think.