Is It Still Monday?

Another week, another movie pick that nearly turns into a review. Today we have a lengthy look back at The Resurrected, an excellent film based on a H.P. Lovecraft story without Stuart Gordon. No mentioning of Cthulhu either. Heresy? More like a total win!

Also, you might want to pay a visit to the fancy YouTube channel in case you missed the latest updates. Some great clips have been uploaded there, if I may say so. Particularly, a snippet from Rituals (we’re still patiently awaiting the DVD release from Code Red) is eerie and unsettling, but there are many other gems as well such as our last movie pick, The Brain (you have to see it to believe it).

I would like to take the opportunity to mention some recent crappy news: the demise of Atropos Studios, an adventure game company founded by Alkis Polyrakis, a friend of mine. Alkis is one of the true gurus of the genre, one of those guys that has really been around and is extremely knowledgeable. He first developed one of the undisputed best freeware adventures ever (Other Worlds) and certainly the lengthiest. With Atropos Studios, Alkis produced Diamonds In The Rough which easily became the most unique adventure of recent times. It has to be played to understand why, something that may prove difficult now. Alkis is selling the remaining DITR copies through eBay himself, so you may probably want to have a look if you’re remotely interested.

It’s frankly appalling to see such a talented developer being forced to shut down like this, but we can only hope this is just brief pause and Alkis will be eventually back with more original adventures.

2 Responses to “Is It Still Monday?”

  1. Vlad says:

    Almost as cheesy as The Brain. Although, I wish they did HP based/inspired flicks really HP based/inspired. You know, the fear of the Unknown. The atmosphere. Context and story.

    Not that I mind trash gory splatter fests, it’s just that when it comes to H.P.L, things should really be “Lovecraftian”. Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum: Cthulhu (2007). Too weak, no real atmosphere, confusing story, but on a right track: no explicit monsters.

  2. Agustín says:

    I absolutely agree, I just happen to think The Resurrected is overall the better Lovecraft adaptation ever made but we’re far from being anywhere close to a PROPER Lovecraft adaptation. I don’t think it will happen though, at least not anytime soon…