This Strange Website…

This abstract and curious place known as the “internet” is full of repetitive and dumb blogs where unimportant characters post random stuff, which in turn is casually read by absolute strangers who often provide inconsequential comments. It’s a perverted system, the bane of human relationships that is worsening day by day and purely serves to waste time and make you less efficient. This blog is no different, so I welcome you to this small, forsaken spot in the tangled highway of bits, and hope you enjoy wasting time and reading gibberish by a complete stranger in your life.

Now that we put that small and unnecessary introduction behind us, I should tell you about the purpose of this website. Here I plan to discuss two of my favorite subjects: old games and movies! Strange combination alright but it’s my blog after all. There is a whole underlying idea though to focus on the lesser known stuff. In the case of games, the focus will be on adventure games since they have pretty much become a cult genre of its own. In the case of movies, the focus will be on horror (obviously) but also really rare, bizarre and eccentric flicks. Don’t worry, I won’t get into things like snuff or nasty fetiches (I’m preparing a whole new site for that). Anyway, under no circumstances these movies shall be considered always “good” but rather noteworthy for some odd reason. I should have enough material to cover the expected lifetime of this blog (probably eight weeks or so).

So that’s the basic idea – since there are countless of sites already dealing with fresh material, I’ll be doing the exact opposite: hunt for rare treasures, long lost movies, forgotten games, etc. etc. Also, I will be using this blog to provide inside scoop about a new adventure game I’m working on.

Finally, since English isn’t my primary language, you may excuse any herrors I make while writing.