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It’s Been A Long And Winding Tentacle

Friday, November 26th, 2010

We have a very special update today with even more significant changes. This month (November, right?), exactly one year ago, Slightly Deranged was unleashed to the masses. Which according to my calculations means the site is ONE YEAR OLD! Yay! That’s right, Happy Birthday, Deranged Ones!


It’s been an amazing ride so far and we got staunch supporters of the site (thank you two!). During its first year, Slightly Deranged has covered 17 retro games, 31 cult movies and 1 book (hey, it’s a new feature), along with a bunch of lengthy articles. Not too shabby and, even though the update rate has decreased considerably since our beginnings, I’m planning to make it to 100 cult things covered by the end of 2011. How I’m going to achieve that, I’ve no idea…

Anyway, you’ll notice there’s quite a few noticeable changes, namely a massive overhaul in the organization of content. I’ve unified everything related to games into its own distinct section, as well as movies. Those articles long enough to quality as reviews have been renamed to “Feature” so that you can distinguish them on the list. It’s looks rather nice; here, have a look. The book/game/movie of the month have been unified into these sections as well, but they’re all going to be featured with a thumbnail on the main page as usual. There’s been even more internal clean-ups which you probably won’t notice but I can assure you they make my life much easier. Of course, there’s still more to be done, but for the time being I believe this is a much cleaner layout.

What to expect next? Stay tuned for my revisit of this first deranged past year, highlighting the most popular articles and movie clips!

PS: I have no idea who did that cake, I simply googled for “really disgusting birthday cake”. You can’t imagine what I found.