Blue Sunshine

Did you ever hear the words...

Did You Ever Hear The Words...

A brilliant movie that deserves no less than a standing ovation. Directed by an eminency in the horror genre, Jeff Lieberman (Just Before Dawn), Blue Sunshine weaves an intricate tale of conspiracy and paranoia with weird drugs, Zalman King and (check this out) bald killers. Yes, people losing their hair (and their minds) go on a killing spree for abusing drugs as teenagers. You know what they say about drugs… Zalman King (Galaxy Of Terror) plays Zalman King. You gotta love this guy who was a cult actor that went on directing sleazy movies. In Blue Sunshine, he probably gives his best performance as one of the most awkward characters you’ll ever see on screen. Suspected of murder and on the run for pretty much the entire duration of the movie, he behaves erratically, sometimes hitting people out of nowhere, shouting at inanimate objects and just giving plain weird glaring looks. The movie itself has a great pacing and an unmistakably 70’s vibe. From a curious and embarrassing event in a party, where someones loses his wig, and twist after twist as the story unfolds until a spectacular finale, Blue Sunshine is a romp that holds up really well after repeated viewings. It’s the sort of movie that lingers in your head long after the credits disappear.

Blue Sunshine can be acquired from Synapse Films.

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