Blogs Ahoy And Then Some!

We had one of those rainy Mondays today that always tend to make you feel all sad and melancholic. I’m not sure what’s the deal with rainy Mondays really but they’re definitely more poetical than, say, rainy Wednesdays or Thursdays. Not to mention rainy Sundays which seems totally paradoxical. Is it because it rhymes better? Or maybe it’s that Carpenters song…

Anyway, I know you have already bookmarked Slightly Deranged as your homepage by now and you’re visiting it every hour, but you should go out there and meet other blogs too. You wouldn’t believe the incredible communities of such talented people that lurk behind the seemingly endless tides of nonsense that wash over the internet day by day. It almost makes me feel guilty.

First we have Gnome’s Lair, a sweet blog about gaming in general with a strong focus on retro and indie games. Heck, it has a tag for “ZX Spectrum” which makes it an instant bookmark in my book — I mean, my browser. The content is excellent and features posts that feel fresh and insightful. It’s well worth a visit and even a permanent stay!

Next is A Hardy Developer’s Journal created by a guy that (surprisingly) is called Igor Hardy. This is an invaluable resource for developers and fans of indie games alike, although they do cover some well-known titles. It’s often updated with reviews, interviews and articles (really good articles) about game design. It focuses on adventure games so this is another one I keep close to my heart.

Finally, The Armchair Adventurer is a newcomer to the block and this is from a guy that is hopelessly enamored with the sounds of a PC speaker. I’m sure you must be familiar with this sentiment (I know I do). There’s not much content yet but the very first article features one heck of a rare text adventure which makes it an instant win in my browser — I mean, my book. Blocky screenshots included. Looks like there’s an upcoming interview with Al Lowe here, so you’ll want to keep an eye on this one too!

In other news, I should also mention while I have the opportunity that our movie of the week has been updated as usually with its share of screen captures and video clip, and today we got pirates… in space… among lots of other things. In fact, it basically feels like watching four movies in one. You name it, and I’m sure The Ice Pirates will have it!

Allow me to finish this update by bringing your attention to this incredible offer of indie games: Machinarium, And Yet It Moves, Auditorium, Aztaka, Eufloria and Osmos at $20. That’s six good games (at the very least) for twenty lousy bucks. Keep in mind that Machinarium alone usually costs that and is well worth every penny. While I still have to play Eufloria, all the other games are great, especially And Yet It Moves which is a surreal puzzle/action game of sorts with an amazing grunge presentation. I doubt I have to say anything about Machinarium itself other than it’s one of the most breathtaking games released in quite some time – you won’t be able to tell just how artful games can get (in the good way) until you have played Machinarium. The offer ends this Friday so if you’re even remotely interested be sure to check it out soon: The Indie Bundle.

3 Responses to “Blogs Ahoy And Then Some!”

  1. Gnome says:

    An eclectic selection! Oh, and thanks a ton; really appreciate this…

  2. Agustín says:

    No problem, I’m returning the favor :)

  3. Igor Hardy says:

    Thanks for the link. And for the very nice choice of others for its company.