Transylvania Adventure

Until now, the Nintendo DS was arguably the best handheld for adventure gamers with a modest but terrific selection of software: the outstanding Phoenix Wright series, Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory and a few others were more than enough to justify giving off the cash for the lovely device. But the tables have turned and now the iPhone/iPod Touch have seriously become the absolute best choice to play adventure games on the go, and this seems to be only the beginning. Those of us who enjoy playing vintage adventures will especially make the most out the platform. While some games already present on the DS such as Myst are on the iPhone as well, several other outstanding classics have been ported to Apple’s device: Beneath A Steel Sky, Simon The Sorcerer, Inherit The Earth, Return To Mysterious Island, the remake of Secret Of Monkey Island and the future looks even brighter as developers keep being lured to the platform (annoying issues with the App Store approval process aside). Whereas adventures on the DS have been waning, their presence keeps extending on the iPhone.

Today, I’m going to bring to your attention a really cute game that sadly got lost amidst the continuing tide of Apps being released each week: Transylvania Adventure. The older ones will surely recognize this primitive text adventure that was initially released for the Apple II by PolarWare and then ported to Commodores, DOS, Amiga and all those vintage systems we all seem to love. The iPhone version is excellent, with plenty of options to play through the game (you can even avoid typing a single word) and overall great production values. The sounds for instance have been entirely reworked and there’s a curiously satisfying feeling to see the gloriously pixelated yet sharp graphics on the small screen. Also, the game can be played both in vertical or landscape modes, so it will really fit your gaming preferences just fine. If you’re fortunate enough to already have an iPhone and like classic adventures, then at one measly dollar this is a must-play.

Transylvania Adventure

iTunes Link: Transylvania Adventure

4 Responses to “Transylvania Adventure”

  1. Scott says:

    Nice, I remember this game! My favorite part was the pitch black farmhouse basement, and all the various descriptions you’d get from FEELing the walls, floor, and ceiling, and LISTENing for noises in the dark. Did you know there was a sequel?

  2. Agustín says:

    Yes, three in fact! And a very weird sci-fi adventure which I hope to cover here sometime (Oo-Topos). There’s a vast amount of text adventures out there that still deserve our attention.

    Did you have a tickling sensation when you read the word “PolarWare”? I know I did.

  3. Vlad says:

    Tee-hee… now, if someone would be so kind enough to port Legend of Faerghail? Or better yet, Moebius! Oh, yes!

    … maybe then I’d even buy an iPhone. ;)

  4. Agustín says:

    Weeell, you do have a classic C64 rogue game being ported (Sword Of Fargoal — hehe, it even sounds similar) so we’re getting there. Really, there’s a whole retro revival movement on the iPhone so it’s currently the most exciting platform for us geeks. Plus, you even have some great modern RPGs as well: The Quest, Undercroft, and a few others.