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In Space No One Can Hear You Type…

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

We have a mega-update today with a theme based on “space” — yes, the site can get that kind of creative from time to time. And when I say space, I mean of course all the stuff that us Sci-Fi lovers want to hear about: distant planets, outrageous creatures, intergalactic swashbuckling heroes… not that modern thing referred to as “SyFy”. Phu-lease. But to understand what I’m talking about, you will have to read this wonderful and massive interview with the team behind Darkstar, the upcoming adventure game that is looking jaw-droppingly good and features the original cast from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Jeff Williams, the producer and mastermind behind the game, tell us all about it and even the MSTK3 folks chimed in with comments! So go and grab some popcorn, coffee or beer depending on your time zone and give it a read.

You know, when I created the blog I was worried that the concept of merging videogames and cult movies would be too eclectic for the audiences but then Darkstar comes along, a game with the experts on the subject of cult cinema no less. Thank you — you gave the site some purpose.

In addition to this huge article, we have our usual weekly picks as well: Dead Space (aka Marc Singer vs. Alien) and Rex Nebular And The Cosmic Gender Bender. One of them is a lousy yet charming piece of filmmaking and the other a brilliant adventure that is a prime example of great game design. Go get them too while they’re still warm!

NOW We’re Back With A Bang!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Gee, I must be the most irresponsible blogger ever. Another week passed by in the utmost silence here at Slightly Deranged but there is a pretty good excuse this time: my new company Senscape Interactive was officially announced last week after months of teasing. This meant deploying a whole new website with many sections and content to try and make it look professional. And a forum as well… I swear it’s the last time I ever skin one of those things. Trust me, I’ve been dreaming of terms such as CSS, PHP and FTP for the past two months. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and we could say that the launch has been a success. There’s a lot of interest about what we’re doing already – which is amazing considering that there’s practically nothing to show. I promise that faith in us will be greatly rewarded. You can have a look and be amazed, intrigued and maybe aroused right over here:

The first major project that we’re presenting at Senscape is the so-called Unnamable Project because we’re not ready to tell you what it is about yet and, yes, the incredibly subtle Lovecraft reference was very intentional, so there’s some food for thought. The game is going to be a horror adventure alright and very, very large. Sometimes I sit back, look at all those blueprints and firmly believe that we have gone out of our minds. The scare factor is a whole other issue and I also think that we may have crossed the line there as well. But, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss about Unnamable and I expect to share further interesting tidbits about it within the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we have this lovely teaser online with all kinds of cryptic things:

Of course, I haven’t forgot about my blogging weekly duties, so today I present to you The Deadly Spawn, a remarkable piece of indie filmmaking from our most favorite decade ever, the 80’s (I’m certain) and The Immortal, another arcade that made a few waves on our most favorite system ever, the Amiga (I’m positive). Hope you enjoy the write-ups and be ready for more and more. For real this time — I mean, the third or fourth time.

Back With A Bang!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

We return to our regular program with yet another Movie Of The Week / Review combo, this time the much maligned (or so they say) Troll 2. You know what? It isn’t half as bad as it’s popularly believed to be – in fact, it might be one of the most misunderstood comedies ever. Think I’m delusional? Read my writeup and make you sure you watch the clip in our YouTube channel. If you don’t laugh, they gave you a lobotomy.

There’s something that has been bothering me recently. So this is a blog about cult movies and games… then why would I post a Movie Of The Week and not a Game Of The Week? I have been pondering about this for the past four months and couldn’t arrive at any reasonable conclusion, so I simply decided to post a Game Of The Week as well. Yes, I can barely cope with writing about one movie each single week and I’m putting yet another burden on my back. I think they must have given me a lobotomy.

So, we start this exciting and unexpected feature with D/Generation, a very old favorite of mine from the golden era of the Amiga. The Movie Of The Week feature is becoming notorious for being wildly eclectic and this is going to be no different. Be sure to stay tuned for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane, as usual!

It’s Manos!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

THIS is Torgo.

Talking about Torgo made me feel nostalgic so I thought about preparing my small tribute for Manos The Hands Of Fate. Regardless what you might think of my… umm… harsh words, I am somewhat fond of the movie and sat through the original and unadulterated version three times. Really. As you may know, Manos was catapulted to dubious fame in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show and the constant riffs by Joel and the bots certainly helped to relieve most of the pain and boredom (I stress most). But looking at the movie in perspective, experiencing its raw nature and taking into account the circumstances behind its fateful conception, one comes to realize just how weird and deranged can be this world we’re living in. It was indeed a revealing experience.

Hhmmm, Viper. Better than grog!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

No, that’s not Torgo, he’s the protagonist of this week’s movie pick. A movie that does justice to the title of this blog and the mere act of watching it will officially turn you into a weird person. Folks, today I introduce you to Street Trash, one hell of a crazy journey to the dark side of the 80’s.

“Jessica, Why Have You Come Here?”

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

And this week we’re featuring Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, a movie that is every bit as imaginative as its cool title. It’s really amazing, one just needs to dig around a little to find long overlooked gems such as this one. Sometimes I get a tickling sensation in my stomach when I think about all those great movies left to discover.

It’s THEM!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Something commonly referred to as “life” got in the way yesterday and held me back from updating. But don’t panic! Our weekly pick is up and it involves ants. Lots of ‘em. In fact, Phase IV is the best ant movie ever made because it takes ants to the next level — literally. If you know the movie already then this is a great opportunity to relive it, and if you never saw it, well, that is why you’re reading this blog in the first place.

This House Is No Longer Clean

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

It wasn’t my intention to post the news to ease down with the obituaries (lots of cult celebrities have been passing away lately!) but I was appalled to find that the recent death of Zelda Rubinstein went mostly unnoticed. You might remember her as the great Tangina from Tobe Hooper’s seminal Poltergeist (although it was practically a Steven Spielberg movie). She died at the age of 76 after a month of battling poor health, which she had been dealing with for years. Poltergeist remains easily one of the scariest movies ever made and the performance of Zelda was hands down unforgettable (you could say she singlehandedly saved the sequels too). Zelda was a strong activist for safe sex and HIV awareness as well, something that she openly acknowledged didn’t help her career. Recent appearances included the utterly good Behind The Mask and Southland Tales. R.I.P. Mrs. Rubinstein.


Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

As you may have noticed, this attempt to spontaneously pick a random weekly movie at the very last minute is giving me quite a headache since I’m rarely meeting the Monday deadline. I wanted to turn it into a spur of the moment sort of thing but I’ll have to go the safe route and prepare them in advance. It will be all the same to you but it deeply hurts my pride.

But enough lamenting about my limitations, this week we get a fond look back at the movie which taught us that pigs can be very evil creatures, especially the giant ones. Don’t mess with them because they will hunt you, stomp on you and probably eat you – now keep that in mind next time you try anything with ham in it.

R.I.P. Dan O’Bannon

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Cripes, this is starting to read more like obituaries rather than a blog. Quite a lot of cult celebrities have passed away this year and the newest joining the afterlife is Dan O’Bannon, who will remain inevitably known as the screenwriter of the original Alien (ever hear of that one?). But wait, Mr. O’Bannon was also credited with one of the best adaptations of a Philip K. Dick story ever with Screamers and without question the best adaptation of a H.P. Lovecraft story with The Resurrected, based on The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward, a movie that he also directed. Other notable credits include the writing of Dark Star along with John Carpenter, Dead & Buried (which is a must-see horror movie), Total Recall, Return Of The Living Dead, which he also directed, and special effects in Star Wars. Yes, the man was a giant and he will be sorely missed.