The Most Eclectic Post You’ll Read Today

We’re finally back today from a brief hiatus. I’m sorry that I took so long to deliver a new update but I’ve been working on stuff – very secretive and mysterious stuff – so you’ll have to bear with me until everything is back to normal. This should happen sometime in July when we announce the Unnamable Project at Senscape, that is, reveal its actual name and nature, and unleash unspeakable horrors into the highway of bits. It’s going to be so horrific that your monitor will tremble. And you’re possibly going to cry, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. Besides, we’re still coping with the notion of naming the unnamable… I still can’t get that concept into my head.


Interesting stuff happened recently which I couldn’t share with you before. A couple of weeks ago I was invited (read: I shamelessly invited myself) to the official presentation of Blizzard in Buenos Aires. You know, the makers of Blackthorne. Well, apparently they’re looking to market their new titles locally so they’re setting up an office and doing PR like most evil corporations do (note: the paragraph above this one does not qualify as PR). Obviously, the focus of the presentation was the upcoming Starcraft game which has been under development for… I don’t know, maybe centuries. Now, attending this event was a real challenge for me since it forced me to socialize, which means acting like a normal human being and talking to other people. There were lots of people in fact, and the place was big and there were shiny lights and, oh yeah, food. The whole joint felt like a night club, actually. This all made me feel very nervous but I switched to my cool blogger self and attempted to look friendly and un-nerd-like. So there was this odd-looking guy with curly hair nearby ravaging the bar and I thought like he was the perfect specimen to socialize. As a result, I spent most of the night at the side of the bar eating more than I care to remember while this guy spoke me in tongues. In the meantime, I believe I drank two glasses of wine, one double whisky, champagne and two screwdrivers. And I somehow lived to tell the rest…

Next thing I remember I was talking to a PR chick very cheerfully who fortunately didn’t notice my breath (at least I don’t think she did because she was smiling all the time) while an American dude from Blizzard was bumbling some Spanish on stage. They eventually said something about a game called Starcraft 2 and showed some videos and screens. The videos were very loud and showed big things moving on screen. Then they showed us gameplay which consisted in small things constantly moving on screen (“Zergs”, I believe) and some more stuff. Finally, they gave us a Press Kit and I was annoyed to find out that it didn’t include a playable beta. My mind may be playing tricks on me now but I believe that I punched someone next and they had to drag me outside as I was screaming like all Hell broke lose.

All in all, Starcraft 2 looks a bit boring and I still prefer Blackthorne which was like Prince Of Persia with guns. Now THAT is what I call a great concept!

Anyway, anyway…

To round up todays rather acid update, did you know that Slightly Deranged is becoming wildly popular in Croatia? Last time I checked it was one of the top 5000 sites in the country which, in world wide web terms, is really, really high. Either you people have very low standards or you’re obsessed with me and the blog — I still can’t figure out which one I prefer. Right, and don’t forget to check out my picks for this week: the grossly underappreciated and misunderstood 90’s movie Motorama, and a really cool and masochistic Amiga game called Risky Woods, just the way we like ‘em.

8 Responses to “The Most Eclectic Post You’ll Read Today”

  1. Roman Age says:

    Hi Agustin,

    About the Unnamable Project, as much as I like the idea of an independant developer, as much as I like Buenos Aires (been there once), and as much as I like adventure games (old ones as I haven’t tried more recent ones), I think I’d be the last person to watch an horror movie, and probably to play an horror game.
    So you’d better give me a straight answer: should I even consider playing the Unnamable Project? What do you have to say about it that could attract people who are not into horror?
    Cheers, and keep it up!

  2. Agustín says:

    Erm… I understand what you mean but, to be very honest with you, Unnamable Project will be pretty “heavy”. That is, a horror game for fans of horror games. My previous project, Scratches, was more mystery than horror (even though it had some very chilling moments).

    On the other hand, you can expect a very intricate storyline with challenging puzzles that remain true to the adventure genre. But be warned, the game probably won’t be for the faint of heart. You may be able to make up your mind when we announce it next month and actually learn what it is about :)

    My suggestion: you may want to try Scratches first, even though it has aged a bit by now. Then again, you’re into oldies so you likely won’t mind ;)

  3. tnzk says:

    Agustin, just played Scratches. Now leeching onto every project you’re attached to =P. Unnamable Project is high on my anticipated list.

    And yeah, what’s this Starcraft franchise about. Never really heard of it =S.

  4. Agustín says:

    Hey there! I’m thrilled to hear that folks are still playing Scratches. I trust Unnamable won’t disappoint… but you shouldn’t be expecting a clone of Scratches ;)

    Thanks for being in touch!

  5. tnzk says:


    Here’s my review to your 2006 debut that I had only played in 2010 =P

    If you can correctly guess the room I found sincerely creepy (I alluded to it in my review), then maybe you guys did a fantastic job in creating the atmosphere you wanted!

    Haha, I don’t expect a clone of Scratches (and neither would I want one). It’s what makes Evil Dead 2 just as good as Evil Dead 1, but Demoni 2 not as good as Demoni 1.

    I hope it’s just as puzzle-based as most adventure games though. I’ve had my fair share of action horror games (Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Penumbra), and I don’t want to be worn out by too many!

  6. Agustín says:

    Impressive review, thank you so much for it! Tens of times better than the official GameSpot one in which the dude was expecting a shotgun-wielding zombie just around every effin’ corner. Perhaps they should hire you :D

    I’m just happy to see that many, like you did, “dug” the low-key and cerebral gameplay. It’s certainly far more than I ever expected! You can look forward to this type of freedom and logic in Unnamable, that’s for sure.

    Of course, the room you are referring to is the nursery. Something strange happened there, that’s for sure — the first time you enter, without knowing what to expect, along with the creepy music and rain outside… I still get goosebumps myself.

    And BTW look at the amount of user reviews there… at least 50! WOW!

  7. Nuxly says:

    Just reading through this one again, my favorite post so far :p

  8. Agustín says:

    I was having one of those days :P