The Derangement Must Go On:

A Year Of Slightly Deranged

One year has passed here at Slightly Deranged, so it’s only natural that I feature the more popular articles that you, the readers, have cherished the most!

There’s plenty of more derangedness yet to come in 2011 (yes, that is totally a word), but in the meantime this article is a great place to revisit this first, unbelievably short year of the blog. Keep in mind that this is by no means a rigorous list as I’m picking these articles based on my perception of their overall acceptance (that is, I certainly didn’t go through elaborate stats and analytics). Included are some of the most viewed movie clips on YouTube as well and one or two personal picks that, while not popular enough, I believe are unique to the site.

So if you’re a newcomer be sure to check out “la créme de la créme” so far in Slightly Deranged, but even if you’ve been with us from the very beginning, give it a read too in case you missed anything. Here goes!


NOVEMBER 27, 2002


This article, originally featured on Just Adventure+ in the year of our Lord 2002, was reposted here on the blog with further updates and comments. It continues to be a touching look back at some of the very best games that could have been, including quite a few rarities. And I still secretly weep at night when I think of Secret Of Vulcan Fury.


NOVEMBER 25, 2009


The movie honored with the first full-length review on the site was Death Valley, a vastly underrated film that nobody cares about with still no DVD release in sight. Seriously, trust me on this one: it’s a terrific 80’s slasher, very atypical as well, with top-notch performances and a really cool setting. It boggles my mind that there’s rarely any solid details about this movie available. You ought to seek out Death Valley!


JANUARY 12, 2010


Well, it’s Lovecraft… What did you expect! And this is hands down the best adaptation of one of his stories (The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward), directed by the late Dan O’Bannon. Even though it’s modernized and they had to include the mandatory lady in distress, The Resurrected manages to faithfully retell the Dexter Ward story in great detail and providing some decidedly spooky and gory moments to boot. The sequence in the catacombs in particular is genuinely effective. Oh, and you have Chris Sarandon in the role of Joseph Curwen, which translates into must see!


FEBRUARY 9, 2010


The best ant movie ever made might not seem like much, but in this case the accolade is definitely deserved and, even more importantly, the film is terrific. Phase IV is especially notorious because it has possibly become the biggest mistake of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or, put into another perspective, it might be the best movie the show ever riffed. Hypnotic soundtrack and mood, weird storyline and a very unsettling finale make Phase IV a mandatory watch for sci-fi buffs everywhere!


APRIL 21, 2010


Or simply Rex Nebular to friends remains a very underrated adventure game, probably because many felt that Rex was a copycat of the other, well-known space hero (hint: his name is Roger). However, Rex Nebular perhaps has more in common with Larry Laffer because it’s quite raunchy, as you can gather from the title. The game featured a very advanced technology at the time and masterful design by the sadly overlooked Matt Gruson. It also has one of my most favorite sequences in a game, when Rex travels to the now deserted city of Machopolis. Definitely a game that deserves to be played.


APRIL 21, 2010

thumb_darkstar.jpgIt happens to be a terrific opportunity to relive the epic Darkstar interview, since the game has been launched a mere two weeks ago! In case you have been living under a shell for the past ten years, Darkstar is a massive production featuring Full Motion Video and proving that the technology still has plenty of life in it. Besides having the dubious honor of being the game under longest production ever (yes, even surpassing Duke Nukem Forever), Darkstar features nearly the entire cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and TV movie star Clive Robertson, as well as a rockin’ progressive soundtrack. Suffice to say, it’s an instant cult classic!


MAY 10, 2010


It’s no wonder the most popular article in the site is the review of Maupiti Island, one of the actual few in the interwebs. This massive article was 10 years in the making (so to speak) and it’s an in-depth look at this extremely underrated and wildly difficult adventure. The article also provided a much needed patch that fixes a historical bug that plagued the majority of the translated versions of the game. If you consider yourself a serious adventure gamer, then you must get Maupiti Island, which has been recently relaunched by DotEmu. It’s definitely the best adventure game that no one has ever played.


MAY 19, 2010


It was the best freeware adventure of 2010 and, when nobody cared about the game, Slightly Deranged posted the review. Keep that in mind because, now that the game has become famous (featured in PC Gamer no less!), nobody cares about Slightly Deranged. Snakes Of Avalon is a deranged game in every sense of the word and it’s free, so you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Rumor has it that the game has the same effect as mind-altering chemicals.


JUNE 10, 2010


Nobody likes Motorama but I don’t care, I’ll keep insisting about the movie every time I can. Motorama is truly a cult tour de force: weird, dreamy, fantastic and with an amazing cast (it was Drew Barrymore’s big comeback after her drug abuse… at least the couple of minutes she shows up in the movie). Plus, a great young actor and fledging director that basically disappeared after the film. Like it almost never happened… It’s perhaps the strangest road movie ever which remains criminally neglected to this day.


AUGUST 3, 2010


One of the most popular games featured in the blog is unsurprisingly Cadaver, perhaps the best game that the glorious Bitmap Brothers had to offer. Part lighthearted RPG, part adventure, Cadaver (which by the way is one of the most cool names ever) is a prime reason why developers of yesteryear were better at understanding gameplay and mood. You may say Cadaver is derivative, but it’s still one of the key examples of a game that gets everything right.

And the Most Popular Post award goes to… The Most Eclectic Post You’ll Read Today! Featuring hints about Asylum just barely before it was announced, and my report of a Blizzard event about Starcraft 2 with great food and chicks (which is probably why it’s the most popular post anyway). I believe I was in a rather silly mood that day and the result was a torrent of nonsense and fancy wordplay.

Also, last but not least, these are the five most popular movie clips in our YouTube channel:

Troll 2 is wildly popular right now, possibly because of the documentary Best Worst Movie. This scene is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The entire Octaman movie reduced to one minute. Seriously.

One of the most unique and scary vampire flicks ever made. It’s sincerely fantastic that such a low-key scene has become so popular!

It’s MARC SINGER. With a gun. And an alien. PURE BLISS.

This is the scene from The Resurrected I was telling you about. Utterly scary!

Remember, this was all but a glimpse of all the stuff that was featured on Slightly Deranged this past year. And 2011, which is just around the corner, is shaping up to be even greater! See you there, and thanks again for being such a cool Deranged Follower!

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