When I go out on the streets, people stop me and ask what the hell is going on with my blog. Then I quickly run and hide among the crowd, away from their accusing fingers as they cry “Update! Update!”. For a while I managed to evade them like this, but they became more intelligent and anticipate my every move. In the bus, in the subway, supermarket, bank, beauty shop, there’s always one of them waiting for me. They’re driving me out of my mind.

It’s been now weeks since I left home. There is a settlement in the front of my house. I even fear opening the door as their reactions might be violent. They barely move while they camp all night, standing still and staring at my window. Last night I dared look outside at midnight: the crackling bonfire casted devilish gleams in their eyes, their faces like marble. Not a gesture, not even a blink. I think some of them had… fangs.

I hope you are happy. I’m posting words, yes, even meaningful words. Not just these words but many more as I discuss one of the most amazing games released this year… that very few know about. I’m typing more words about Asylum and its development, and yes, I’ve also decided which movie and book I will discuss next. But please, please leave my house and stop chewing on whatever you have there, or else I’ll have to take some drastic measures… such as screaming.

5 Responses to ““Them””

  1. James Wilson says:

    We’ll never stop until you reach a weekly word-count of 10,000 or more. Another week with anything less and we’ll give the order to shoot. And flaming arrows and dead cows are no fun at all.

  2. jc says:

    Oh, I wasn’t aware there was a settlement in place. I will go book my plane ticket now. Gotta support the cause!

  3. MoP says:

    Are You sure it’s not just a confused group from the “occupy Wall Street” crowd?
    Either way… King Of Dragon Pass looks awesome.

  4. Agustín says:

    Last time I checked I do NOT look like a Wall Street executive, but stranger things have happened.

  5. Sarah Crisman says:

    No, no, this isn’t part of Occupy Wall Street. That’s a totally different movement. This is “Occupy Agustin’s Street”. If he can’t leave home, he has no excuse not to be working on Asylum and he’s too crafty for the blockade to work unless we manage to wall off the whole road. :)