NOW We’re Back With A Bang!

Gee, I must be the most irresponsible blogger ever. Another week passed by in the utmost silence here at Slightly Deranged but there is a pretty good excuse this time: my new company Senscape Interactive was officially announced last week after months of teasing. This meant deploying a whole new website with many sections and content to try and make it look professional. And a forum as well… I swear it’s the last time I ever skin one of those things. Trust me, I’ve been dreaming of terms such as CSS, PHP and FTP for the past two months. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and we could say that the launch has been a success. There’s a lot of interest about what we’re doing already – which is amazing considering that there’s practically nothing to show. I promise that faith in us will be greatly rewarded. You can have a look and be amazed, intrigued and maybe aroused right over here:

The first major project that we’re presenting at Senscape is the so-called Unnamable Project because we’re not ready to tell you what it is about yet and, yes, the incredibly subtle Lovecraft reference was very intentional, so there’s some food for thought. The game is going to be a horror adventure alright and very, very large. Sometimes I sit back, look at all those blueprints and firmly believe that we have gone out of our minds. The scare factor is a whole other issue and I also think that we may have crossed the line there as well. But, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss about Unnamable and I expect to share further interesting tidbits about it within the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we have this lovely teaser online with all kinds of cryptic things:

Of course, I haven’t forgot about my blogging weekly duties, so today I present to you The Deadly Spawn, a remarkable piece of indie filmmaking from our most favorite decade ever, the 80’s (I’m certain) and The Immortal, another arcade that made a few waves on our most favorite system ever, the Amiga (I’m positive). Hope you enjoy the write-ups and be ready for more and more. For real this time — I mean, the third or fourth time.

5 Responses to “NOW We’re Back With A Bang!”

  1. Gnome says:

    Holy mother of updates!

  2. Areala says:

    That teaser page is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen for promoting an upcoming game. Haunting, disturbing, it etches itself into your mind and won’t let you go. I’ve been thinking about it all day.

    Patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…but it’s Lovecraft! And I WAAAAAANT it! :)

  3. Areala says:

    In addition, I cannot be the only person who noticed that the teaser pic from “Face The Horror” resembled the pic of the woman’s torn-up face from “The Deadly Spawn” a little too closely…right…? :)

  4. Agustín says:

    Purely coincidental :P