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No Place To Hide

First of all, you should know that I’m a huge fan of Marc Singer. I would admit that a closet has more charisma and potentially better acting skills than him, but still… he’s MARC SINGER. The V series alone would have been enough reason to catapult him to cult celebrity status but then he also gave us The Beastmaster movies — now, the sequels were a boring ripoff of every fantasy movie ever made. The first one was a ripoff too, but an entertaining one. It’s as if they condensed all the clichés and known premises of fantasy movies into a single one, like Conan meets Clash Of The Titans meets The Dark Crystal meets Conan. Needless to say, in Beastmaster Marc would be Conan sans the muscles and the Austrian accent. Still, the movie definitely belongs in your library. In addition to these superlative works of filmmaking, Marc was also in High Desert Kill which soon will be featured as a Movie Of The Week as well. In this case, he appears along with the late Chuck Connors in The Mother Of All Random Scenes Ever Featured In A Film. Just wait and you’ll see — it’s insane.

Second, a disclaimer: Dead Space has nothing to do – not even remotely – with the recent game of the same name. Nothing. This movie isn’t just bad — it’s worse. It was released in 1991 and shamelessly ripped off Mutant (aka Forbidden World) which was produced by Roger Corman in 1982, which in turn was a ripoff of Alien. When I say that Dead Space ripped off Mutant I don’t say it lightly… they literally grabbed the very same script and filmed it again in one of the strangest occurrences ever in the world of Sci-Fi movies. This is akin to what happened between The Island and The Clonus Horror, except in that case they turned a low-budget bad movie into a big lousy production. In the case of Dead Space though, they turned a low-budget bad movie into a low-budget bad movie. As if that wasn’t strange enough, Dead Space was also produced by Roger Corman, yet the script is credited to someone else. It’s seriously dumbfounding.

As for the movie itself, it deals with Marc Singer playing Marc Singer who is stranded in a spaceship with a nasty alien creature lurking in the corners. It’s futile to speak about the appalling acting and cardboard scenarios but, if you are like me and can manage to remove neurons from your system at will, you’re bound to enjoy the thing. Just like The Beastmaster is every fantasy cliché condensed into a single movie, so is the case with Dead Space and Sci-Fi. In all honesty, I can’t recall very well what the movie was about. I think it involved evil experiments and an annoying robot. And lots of smoke and fog to cover up the rubber creature — in fact, the only reasonably good capture I could get from it is a white smudge. But don’t let these minor complaints fool you, Dead Space is a movie that can be greatly enjoyed nonetheless. It’s either that or I have to be committed.


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  1. mercury says:

    Eh… Dead Space is an official remake of Mutant…

    I like to think of Dead Space a one of those remakes that fail to capture the atmosphere of the original but instead build up one of their own wich, in my oppinion, turns out to be better.

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