I Have Returned For The 4.0.37e50th. Time

Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I do care about you. No, I’m not dying but thank you for asking. It has been a while indeed… past November to be exact since the blog is in hiatus. From the next paragraph and below I’ll be explaining the reason why behind this silence, and what to look forward within the upcoming weeks, but if you couldn’t care less and only want the good stuff (e.g., scantily clad women and tentacled creatures) let me assure you that we’ll be right back at those in just a few days.

So, I know that many of you are craving for more Asylum news; if my mailbox is any indication, hundreds of you (OK, maybe tens). The reason why the blog has been quiet is simply because we have been working non-stop on the project since before the Holidays. And I mean that: even Santa helped us to test an upcoming demo. It certainly paid off as we’ve progressed a huge deal these past few months. We’re already testing a build of the game (with actual people, that is) and most of them have been honestly floored by the detail and lifelike atmosphere. It’s so downright unnerving to walk around the Hanwell Institute. Granted, we have the occasional naysayer who goes “meh” but we promptly spanked him. Needless to say, he won’t say “meh” anymore… He probably won’t say a thing ever again.

Anyway, we have made progress on all fronts really, not just Asylum. So much in fact that we will be disclosing news about our current three projects very soon. Except this time “soon” doesn’t mean “within the next eight months” but really soon enough. I promise. You are bound to love at least one of our upcoming announcements; unless you only care for scantily clad women, in which case I redirect you to the first paragraph of this post.

Back to the blog: I’ll be catching up with all sorts of belated material starting the next week. A look back at the highlights of 2010 game-wise and movie-wise, a review of the incredibly good FMV adventure Darkstar, your usual affair of extremely rare movies and games, and of course the Asylum Developer’s Diary: Unrated!, in which I will be disclosing all kinds of groovy secrets about our upcoming flagship game at Senscape. Here’s the proof; the first in-game screenshot ever released:

Yes, that’s 1920×1080 pixels. And wait till you see it in motion!

Stay tuned for more, and thank you for the patience!

9 Responses to “I Have Returned For The 4.0.37e50th. Time”

  1. gnome says:

    Hooray! Asylum Developer’s Diary: Unrated? Hooray again!

  2. Tansel says:

    Suddenly my 15.6″ 1366×768 laptop screen seemed to me small. I might need to get an external monitor to see this :|

  3. Nuxly says:

    Glad you’re back, can’t way to see more.

  4. Pontifex says:

    Looking terrific. Glad to see you back!

  5. James Wilson says:

    Interesting…..Asylim dev diary..unrated?!!! Looking forward to it.

  6. Igor Hardy says:

    I still need to finish Darkstar myself. I find it a lot of fun, but also really challenging.

    Looking forward to Developer’s Diary.

  7. j.s. says:

    a week he said, but no sign…

    i think he’s gone again folks :(

  8. Agustín says:

    Ha! This is to prove I’m actually monitoring the comments all the time. Working on a lengthy article right now… There was a change of plans, which I’ll explain as soon as I post.

  9. Agustín says:

    Article definitely goes live tomorrow, so stay tuned! :)