It's loose... It's angry... And it's getting hungry!

It's Loose... It's Angry... And It's Getting Hungry!

This primary example of early 80’s horror was practically ignored upon its first release, but then became one of the most sought after slasher flicks of the golden era. And with good reason: it’s mood was overall much darker than your usual slasher movie, partly for the weird, droning soundtrack and a very slow pace. But the main reason why this movie has become so notorious over the years is a seriously rough rape scene at the beginning which at the time crossed the line, even by standards of the genre (today you get to see scenes like that on TV though). Understandably, this scene was severely cut in many countries (about three minutes to be exact) and today uncut tapes of Humongous are very priced by connoisseurs of the genre. As you can imagine, it’s the offspring of that rape that would then stalk poor young people on a seemingly deserted island. Right, I should also mention that the kid somehow borns severely disfigured — go figure. This movie, directed by the same Paul Lynch from the much tamer Prom Night, was also notorious for being dark. Not dark in mood as I said, but just plain dark. Some scenes can be very hard to make out and the universal complain you hear about this movie is that you can never actually see the monster. Neither of those things have ever bothered me, so Humongous gets my top recommendation. It’s pure gold for slasher fans and has that unmistakable vibe of 80’s horror.

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