Just Passing By…

Hello. How are you? Today I remembered that I have a blog and this is a post. See? I’m posting.

It’s been a few seriously crazy months, especially when it comes to the development of Asylum, but things are finally looking up and all the pieces are falling into place. I will be sharing many exciting details in the upcoming new installment of the Diary Of A Madman, but today I’ll bring your attention to Darkstar, that mythical game which has been in eternal production for over a decade, second only to the King Of Vaporware, Duke Nukem Forever. Well, it’s no longer vaporware, and neither it’s Darkstar. In fact, it’s here. For real.

10 Responses to “Just Passing By…”

  1. worldofshame says:

    yay! agustin’s not dead! yay!

  2. Agustín says:

    I’m not sure what you mean. I AM dead.

  3. gnome says:

    Hey! Got this stake with me apparently…



  4. Agustín says:

    I’m a zombie, not a vampire.


  5. gnome says:


    >shoot zombie with shotgun

  6. Pontifex says:

    C’mon guys, what’s next, silver bullets?


    There, you’re welcome. ;-)

  7. Agustín says:

    Now there you have a true zombie killer!

  8. worldofshame says:


    Can I just point out that you have just destroyed any chance of Zombie Agustin finishing Asylum?

    NIce going >.<

    XD XD

  9. Liverpool says:

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  10. Takele says:

    Hey, that post leaves me feeling foioslh. Kudos to you!

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